Valentine’s Day breakfast

French Toast

The lonely heart is surrounded by sweetness nevertheless.


Ye nameless, delish dish

So this is another of those nameless dishes I often end up with.

It begins with trying to do something “creative” with a can of tuna flakes and eggs. The latter ingredient has become some sort of staple because of its supposed protein content: I wanna gain weight!

Throw in some veggies in a spatter of olive oil, and voila — add the parsley for more green stuff.

Turns out yummy.

Tuna flakes

Some sort of ground beef delight

Some things have to be done on the spot, without thorough thinking.

That’s what happened when I fried some ground beef, which I had thought of adding to the instant beef mami afterwards.

But the brown, sizzling meat looked too tantalizing that I turned it into some sort of, uh, this —


I don’t know how you call it. But I added the egg and onions and put some oyster sauce. It came out too salty. But with enough rice to go with every spoonful, it was a feast.

Lesson: sudden major changes can turn out be delicious, if you know how to be resourceful. Applies to life in general as well.