Best pasta so far — the basil leaves did it


I was thinking of following Jamie Oliver’s “Classic Spaghetti” recipe, but I ended up combining the ingredients and instructions from his book Jamie’s Food Revolution and those in my instant spaghetti sauce’s tetra pack. And, unlike before, this time I used the casserole to cook the sauce, right after cooking the pasta in it (mine is a single-pit electric stove).

And pasta (which I cooked) never tasted that good. It was amazing!

I think the basil leaves did the trick. Their aroma is irresistible and exciting. The real tomatoes also helped. These two ingredients, by the way, were not required by the instant sauce’s recipe, but they were in Jamie’s and I already had them, so why not.

They made the difference.


Pasta al Pangrattato. Almost.

And so, I found the chance to cook my first dish out of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last week (yes, this blog post is too late, but at least I get to publish this; so).

As the the book warned, Pasta al Pangrattato was going to be quite dry, unlike most pasta dishes. I substituted many of the indicated ingredients — like dried thyme leaves instead of fresh ones, canned tuna instead of anchovies, and chili sauce instead of the real thing.

It turned out too spicy, but tolerable. Perhaps next time I should go easy with the chili and the thyme…

Pasta al Pangrattato


I really should get an honest-to-tastiness camera soon. Look at how grainy and speckled my first (and smooth) carbonara has become!


Yes, I’m rather proud of this. A fan of almost everything Italian, I totally enjoyed making this hour-to-prepare wonder.

Too bad I didn’t have linguine pasta on hand, so I settled with leftover penne rigate.  (And I used to not distinguish them; I just knew they were pasta. Progress!)


So it was wonderful. The parsley and mushrooms also added extra zing. And that Wuthering Heights copy over there? — It’s just there.

Pasta and omelette

My cousin, who’s applying for a job abroad, is going back to the province tomorrow (that is, later, because it’s already 1:55 am). After having her do some paperwork here in Manila, the employment agency will just call her in about two weeks for updates.

So I thought I could prepare a small party for my cousin and one of our high school batchmates who’s now also a Manila resident.



Of course, I cooked some pasta and the special cheesy omelette. I’ve done them several times before (especially the omelette), and this time they were quite an improvement.

I’m not quite there yet with regard to the pasta (with beef and mushroom); I lacked more sauce. But it was good enough, considering the experiment of adding the dwarf tomatoes.

All that in a little over an hour.