Quick mami

Sometimes, on cold nights, after a long and tiring day, all you want is a quick meal. For me, it means a warm noodle soup is in order.

To get this fix, I use instant mami with two eggs and, if available, onions and carrots and spring onions. I didn’t have carrots tonight. So I just added parsley and rosemary to give it some unusual twist. Plus some black pepper.

Finally I learned that instant mami is best cooked with low heat: eggs just right and, most important, noodles aren’t soggy.



French piece

I did my first French toast today yesterday. Too bad I didn’t have cinnamon. But the vanilla and butter and milk turned out okay. I had fun immersing the bread into the egg-milk-vanilla concoction and frying it to a golden brown and somewhat puffed up because of the eggs.

French Toast

And then I added an omelet for more fun. Plus the yogurt — I don’t actually know why I suddenly threw it on the toast. The combination didn’t seem to go very well, so I immediately scraped it off; yummy.

But the toast wasn’t very good. It only looked very good. I suppose it’s the lack of flavor; cinnamon could really have made it awesome. I settled with honey to sweeten the food. It was okay.

Note to self: Buy cinnamon.

Update: This morning I re-fried the leftover toast. Not much difference from yesterday’s. Then I friend an egg using butter — tasty! And fatty.

French Toast Redux

Ye nameless, delish dish

So this is another of those nameless dishes I often end up with.

It begins with trying to do something “creative” with a can of tuna flakes and eggs. The latter ingredient has become some sort of staple because of its supposed protein content: I wanna gain weight!

Throw in some veggies in a spatter of olive oil, and voila — add the parsley for more green stuff.

Turns out yummy.

Tuna flakes

Imitating Gordon

On Facebook late one night, I found a friend posting a clip of Gordon Ramsay cooking scrambled eggs and frying a few other stuff. I was inspired.

The next morning, since the ref was nearly empty of decent ingredients except eggs and tomatoes, I decided to do a Gordon of last night.

For the first time I cooked the eggs with butter (plus black pepper and salt). It was too buttery and not as creamy as the celebrated chef’s, because I didn’t have cream (poor copycat).

And then I fried big tomatoes, unlike Gordon who fried tiny ones. As expected, the heat didn’t do any good to my tomatoes, except softening one part of the red wonder. And I stashed in the canned sardines, which were drowning in tomato sauce. Perhaps the real tomatoes eventually ended up in the meal to remind me of what the sardines actually had as company.

Hunger satisfied!


Pasta and omelette

My cousin, who’s applying for a job abroad, is going back to the province tomorrow (that is, later, because it’s already 1:55 am). After having her do some paperwork here in Manila, the employment agency will just call her in about two weeks for updates.

So I thought I could prepare a small party for my cousin and one of our high school batchmates who’s now also a Manila resident.



Of course, I cooked some pasta and the special cheesy omelette. I’ve done them several times before (especially the omelette), and this time they were quite an improvement.

I’m not quite there yet with regard to the pasta (with beef and mushroom); I lacked more sauce. But it was good enough, considering the experiment of adding the dwarf tomatoes.

All that in a little over an hour.