The perfectly fried egg


A few weeks ago I prepared breakfast after a looong time since I last beat an egg to turn it into an omelet.

On my menu were rice, tocino, pears, and fried eggs. The first three items were easy enough to prepare — steam the rice, slice the pears, and fry the tocino using water instead of cooking oil.

But frying the eggs with a particular outcome for the yolk was quite a challenge. My mom wanted it cooked lightly: just a little poke, and the yellow yolk should ooze lazily out into your plate.

The trick, it turned out, was to turn off the stove once the frying oil  is hot enough. That way, you have complete control of the egg, making sure that it’s not undercooked nor more than the desired degree of cooked-ness. Once the egg white has solidified somewhat, you’re done. Egg fried to perfection!


Omelet with hotdogs


Picture A


Picture B

Picture B

Compare Picture A and Picture B.

B is, of course, more beautiful. But it also has its faults.

Last week I tried to put hotdogs in my omelet (Picture A)…to considerable success (there was too much cheese).

So I tried doing something similar today (Picture B) — this time, with onions, tomatoes, and less cheese. It was supposed to be uber-amazing, except that I decided to put butter (too much of it) to cook the omelet. I could have just used olive oil to not make the egg stick to the pan. Well, I did use olive oil, but I ran out of it. Thus the butter. Because I didn’t want to use fatty cooking oil.

But the omelet looked and tasted well enough, especially the second serving. The first had all the butter, while the second one only had the remainder of what the first absorbed.

Along with plain rice and whole fried hotdogs, the meal was gooood.

French toast and pears


It’s been a while since my last French toast. The last time I made one, I think, I didn’t have cinnamon. This time I made sure I put some.

Putting extra stuff was spontaneous. I had pears, raisins, Dewberry cookies, and maple syrup in the ref — so I stashed a bit of each into the toast.

Morning sugar cravings satisfied!

French piece

I did my first French toast today yesterday. Too bad I didn’t have cinnamon. But the vanilla and butter and milk turned out okay. I had fun immersing the bread into the egg-milk-vanilla concoction and frying it to a golden brown and somewhat puffed up because of the eggs.

French Toast

And then I added an omelet for more fun. Plus the yogurt — I don’t actually know why I suddenly threw it on the toast. The combination didn’t seem to go very well, so I immediately scraped it off; yummy.

But the toast wasn’t very good. It only looked very good. I suppose it’s the lack of flavor; cinnamon could really have made it awesome. I settled with honey to sweeten the food. It was okay.

Note to self: Buy cinnamon.

Update: This morning I re-fried the leftover toast. Not much difference from yesterday’s. Then I friend an egg using butter — tasty! And fatty.

French Toast Redux

Oatmeal, my way

So how do you come up with a fast, delicious, and nutritious breakfast for yourself?

Waking up early to cook those staple breakfast meals of processed foods, rice, eggs, and coffee or chocolate drink is a wonderful thought. But they take too long to prepare. Nobody wants to be late for work.

So, after experimenting with various affordable combinations, I find this tastiest, easiest, and most beautiful. Oats in milk, with apples, raisins, and — my latest addition — honey. And it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, starting with heating water. Yum!

What for you makes a quick, cheap, and delicious breakfast?