The perfectly fried egg


A few weeks ago I prepared breakfast after a looong time since I last beat an egg to turn it into an omelet.

On my menu were rice, tocino, pears, and fried eggs. The first three items were easy enough to prepare — steam the rice, slice the pears, and fry the tocino using water instead of cooking oil.

But frying the eggs with a particular outcome for the yolk was quite a challenge. My mom wanted it cooked lightly: just a little poke, and the yellow yolk should ooze lazily out into your plate.

The trick, it turned out, was to turn off the stove once the frying oil  is hot enough. That way, you have complete control of the egg, making sure that it’s not undercooked nor more than the desired degree of cooked-ness. Once the egg white has solidified somewhat, you’re done. Egg fried to perfection!


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