First adobo

This blog is not a recipe blog. It’s a blog about my mistakes and “takes on life” from the kitchen.

When I started living on my own, I found cooking as a convenient and superiorly interesting hobby. I mean, if life requires you to cook, why not make art out of that darn requirement? Sure, there’s money and effort involved, but isn’t any other artform? Besides, this art is delicious. And I badly need more weight.

Anyway, to start off, let me show you a picture of my very first adobo, the Philippines’ unofficial national food. 🙂


Too oily.

I still remember how long it took me to cook this. About two hours. I don’t know why. Maybe I aimed at making the meat tender. That was two months ago.

And my first adobo cooking lesson was: marinate the meat houuuuurs before the actual cooking.

But the finished product still was good enough. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. And it’s now three minutes to midnight.


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